A PARABLE OF LIBERTY LOST AND FOUND — Part 9 of 10: Resistance and Renewal

Judah Freed
5 min readOct 21, 2020

An upsurge of resistance to Bull’s authoritarian policies and personality, finally even among core supporters, helps the opposition party in bi-elections win a slim majority to control both houses of congress. Multi-prong investigations of the Bull presidency proceed. Criminal prosecutions are pending. Articles of impeachment advance in congress.

Bull is desperate and dangerously erratic. One of the president’s men, acting on conscience, leaks to the press a secret memo summarizing the covert operation to bomb the Unity Tree and blame the nature nuts, all a ploy to control state security.

Noisy public outcry! Hundreds and then thousands of peaceful people gather around the Unity Tree in a safety circle. “Occupy Tree Week” stretches into months, inspiring encampments in all the districts. “Occupiers” visit every congressman and senator to demand the immediate impeachment of President Bull.

At hearings in the lower house, a lowly data clerk admits to keeping copies of memos and recordings. Evidence proves Bull and his aides, plus the vice president, conspired with a northern district crime boss to bomb the Unity Tree. The parties then obstructed justice to hide the plot. High crimes and misdemeanors!

The house impeaches President Bull. The senate convicts him, a foregone conclusion. He’s removed from office, tried for treason, found guilty by a jury. The vice president falls next. Marshals haul them to jail amid chants, “Lock them up!”

Congress takes remedial steps. A constitutional amendment is proposed and adopted that removes all private money from public elections. Candidates and elected officials are banned from accepting any kind of gift or bribe or job offer.

Another amendment cuts the power of the presidency. Aside from administrative directives to carry out laws passed by congress, the president loses the right to issue executive orders or decrees that become law. Presidents should be trusted servants; they should not govern like kings.

Adoni Rafi and other activist women play leading roles in the Occupy movement and efforts to curb government abuses. Still disenfranchised, the “Suffragettes” now suffer abuse for demands to restore every woman’s natural right to vote.

An ally of Adoni is their inspirational leader, Clio Devi, a descendant of Shakti and Kodesh. Suffrage campaigns…



Judah Freed

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